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Welcome to Asmelash & Sons Construction PLC, a beacon of excellence in the construction industry with 50 years of expertise. Led by the visionary Mr. Asmelash Tedla, our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and nation-building has set us apart. We believe that construction is about shaping a brighter future, and our legacy includes pioneering sustainable design, taking on monumental projects, providing affordable housing, and rebuilding communities. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, and click the “ABOUT US” button below to explore our full story, values, and services.

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50 Years Of Undefeated Success

At Asmelash And Sons Construction PLC, we are honored and thrilled to announce our 50th anniversary. For half a century, we have been dedicated to shaping a better future through construction, and this milestone marks our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and nation-building. We have pioneered, transformed, and contributed to the growth of Ethiopia’s construction landscape. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we look forward to continued partnerships, progress, and the promise of many more years of delivering exceptional construction services. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to the next 50 years of excellence and innovation.


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Build Your Dream

Quality Services

Institutional Construction

For Institutional Construction, Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC crafts spaces that inspire excellence and shapes the foundations of knowledge and progress. Your institution, our expertise, a better learning environment.

Commercial Construction

At Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC, we redefine commercial spaces with precision and innovation. Our legacy of excellence spans decades, shaping the business landscape. Your vision, our expertise, a better tomorrow

Infrastructure Construction

In Infrastructure Construction, Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC builds the lifelines of progress. With a legacy of precision and innovation, we shape the foundation for sustainable development. Your vision, our expertise, a better-connected world.

Real Estate Developers

Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC, your trusted Real Estate Developers, turn visions into vibrant communities. With a legacy of precision and innovation, we shape the future of living spaces. Your dream, our expertise, a better place to call home

Fresh Concrete Supply

At Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC, we're dedicated to supplying fresh concrete that's the cornerstone of your projects. With decades of experience and unwavering quality, we provide the foundation for your success. Order Your Fresh Concrete Today! Call +251944342900

Embarking on a journey back to 1985, witness the indomitable spirit of Asmelash and Sons as our iconic truck courageously navigates the rough and dusty road to the Asmera Project. Much like this memorable expedition, our company’s path since incorporation has been defined by resilience and determination. Celebrating 50 years of unwavering service, each tire mark tells a story of triumph over challenges. Here’s to the enduring journey, the tough roads conquered, and the milestones that shape us. #AsmelashStrength #UnstoppableJourney #50YearsInService

asmelash and sons 50 Years Anniversary

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Precision in Every Detail, Excellence in Every Project.

Elevating Structures with Unmatched Precision: Asmelash and Sons Construction at Every Level.

We Follow Best Practices

At Asmelash and Sons Construction PLC, when we say ‘We Follow Best Practices,’ we mean more than just words – it’s the cornerstone of our approach to every project.

Newly Constructed Structures

Some of Our Latest Works

Asmelash and Sons Constructions PLC achieves a remarkable milestone in our project! In an astonishing feat, we successfully cast the Linac banker slab, a crucial component in cancer treatment, in just 24 hours! This impressive slab boasts a thickness of 260 cm in the middle and 160 cm around, and required an enormous 1140 cubic meters of concrete and 245,100 kilograms of reinforcement bar. This remarkable achievement will pave the way for the installation of 5 linear accelerators, making this the largest cancer treatment center in Ethiopia! Congratulations to the team on this outstanding accomplishment!

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Ethiopian Airports Enterprise -Jigjiga Airport

– Project Name: Jijiga Airport Passenger Terminal & Building & ATC Tower
– Location: Jigjiga

American Government CDC Ethiopia

– Project Name: Outpatient Department in Shashemene
– Location: Shashemene

A.A. City Government Kirkos Sub City Administration

– Project Name: Kirkos Sub City Construction of 2B + G + 12 Office Building Complex – Location: Addis Ababa

Horra Trading

– Project Name: Automotive Assembly Arena at Adama
– Location: Adama

Eneshita Minale

– Project Name: 3B + G + 19 Mixed-Use Building Project (Structure Work Only)
– Location: Addis Ababa

Afro Ville Apartments PLC

– Project Name: Afro Ville Diplomatic Apartments (Structure Work Only)
– Location: Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa University

– Project Name: Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology
– Location: Addis Ababa

Gong Construction PLC

– Project Name: Mixed-Use Building Project (Structure Work Only)
– Location: Addis Ababa

Ato Sufian Semeru

– Project Name: Apartment Building Project (Structure Work Only)
– Location: Addis Ababa

Media Highlights: Asmelash and Sons Construction Featured in Local and International News

By: The African Aviation Tribune

Jijiga Airport construction work was carried out by Ethiopian contractors Asmelash & Sons Construction Company with the design work being done by the National Consultancy Company. The airport’s 2’400m x 45m runway (03/21), taxiway and apron construction were finished three years ago. Read more…

By: U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia

I would also like to acknowledge the important work done by ZIAS [ZEE-ahs] Architecture and Engineering to design this wonderful building, and the equally important work done by Asmelash and Sons Construction Company to build the facility. Read more…


Ethiopian Airlines to Commence Operation of its New Cold Warehouse Facility

The civil work of the cold warehouse was carried out by Asmelash and Sons PLC, a local construction company, while Celtic Cooling, a German based company has supplied and installed the cold room devices and accessories. Read more…

American Government CDC Ethiopia

What Our Clients Say

Awards and Testimonials

Displaying a testament to our legacy of excellence, we proudly showcase the Certificate of Completion from the Ethiopian Airport Enterprise for the successful realization of the Jigjig Airport project. This award symbolizes our enduring commitment to quality construction and serves as a reminder of the remarkable milestones achieved in our journey. #ConstructionLegacy #AwardRecognition #JigjigAirport

Ethiopian Airport Enterprise

Honored to receive the distinguished award from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, recognizing our commitment to excellence in construction. Grateful for this acknowledgment, it underscores our dedication to delivering quality projects. #ConstructionExcellence #CommercialBankofEthiopiaRecognition

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Proud recipients of the 4th Quality Award from Quality for Growth. This accolade reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier construction projects and fostering quality-driven growth. Thank you for this esteemed recognition. #QualityAward #ConstructionExcellence #QualityforGrowth

Quality for Growth

Honored to be recognized by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute for the successful completion of the National Public Health Training Center building construction. This award underscores our commitment to contributing to vital infrastructure projects that enhance public health. Gratitude for this meaningful recognition. #ConstructionExcellence #PublicHealthRecognition #BuildingCommunities

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

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